If you see a girls thong/underpants you say treasure to your friend.''

In sweden me and my homies say 'Skatt'
Aleks: oohh look, treasure
Jonas & c.o: Very nice
by relaxo May 28, 2005
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A game company responsible for many cult-status games, many of which involve shooting stuff.

Examples of Treasure's works include Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Sin and Punishment, and more recently, Ikaruga.
Random guy 1: "I just got Gunstar Heroes for the Wii's Virtual Console!
RG2: "Gunstar Heroes? What's that?"
RG1: "It's a run-and-gun shooter by Treasure. You know, kinda like Contra or Metal Slug."
by Raymoo October 16, 2007
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sexual parts of a human for commerce or pleasure
her/his treasures were to die for
by michael foolsley November 26, 2009
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anything involved with partying which you usually pay for but have somehow recieved for free
as in free samples of alcohol: "who am i to turn down such a treasure."

as in a pile of drugs on a table at a party: "where is the guardian of this treasure, i must indulge."

as in finding a stash of drugs, alcohol, or other similar things: "what treasure!! how could i be so lucky."

as in buying a girl a drink: "here you go, beautiful, this treasure is for you."
by leonidas queequeg jesus February 19, 2011
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the hair at the top of a happy trail, that begins at the belly button
Matt:I shaved a paw print into my treasure today!
by Tyler Thomas March 02, 2006
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GOLd!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
gold!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ellie January 09, 2005
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