(Verb) An abbreviation for the sexual term "penatrate". Used when talking to or about an attractive woman.
John: "Dude, did you see Megan today in that skirt?"

Bob: "Yea man I'd totally trate her!"
by Blink 182 4lyfe April 10, 2013
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To infiltrate a group of girls at a bar or club.
"Hey man let's go trate those girls."
"You've gotta trate, infiltrate in order to penetrate"
by qwerty1234321 May 6, 2012
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Being washed out or played down. Like an organic chemistry experiment. Pretty much diluting (titrating) your sense of being and your thoughts.
Bro! That G just trated my respect for some pussy.
by bombo4268 November 7, 2019
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an un-trust-worthy, lying, hatin, ugly azz b1tch. Can also be used on a male if he acts like the previous description.
Trate: "Why don't you hook me up with some money so I can get my nails done"

Man: "Listen you trate, get out of here before I slap you"
by Pkay April 27, 2006
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Abreviation for triple date. You know, like riding a 6 wheeler.
Hey bros, lets go on a trate with Emily, Sarah, and Megan.
by Conitch Velbeandelin March 2, 2011
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