the small patch of facial hair under the center of a man's bottom lip. Named for the legendary Government teacher/Rugby player from Miami, Florida
He became measurably more cool when he grew a Wheeler
by Brian Wheeler July 12, 2006
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a boy who asks girls for sex, one who makes out with every girl he can get his hands on, a sexy mother freaker, a pimp!
haha that kid is such a wheeler he gets girls no probs
by katayyoo January 19, 2009
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One who is not able to skeet while doing sexual things
"omg you pulled a wheeler no wonder why i cant get pregnant"
by bon qui qui smokes rocks July 11, 2008
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Jake broke his leg, now he's a wheeler.
by starx4x2x0 February 13, 2010
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Someone who drives 4WD vehicles off road.
There are a lot wheelers out on the trail today.
by Cool Dude December 24, 2004
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One who loves bum and getting pwned by ultra nubz0rz. Also, loves taking gay porn pictures with a camera phone. Being wheeler must include a lopsided head and many other gay features.
by Toasted Toast April 28, 2005
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