1.The 1337 way for saying Bitch.
2.Used when it is inapproprate to say Bitch. Online use only.
"You son of a b1tch."
by Maza April 23, 2005
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b1tch..b0y_ is swag😼 #b1tch..b0y_supremacy
by m00ny :] June 27, 2021
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A very swaggy tiktoker they r so cool- 🏃 ♀️✌️🥵
by Miruko June 17, 2021
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Kids who think saying a curse word on Roblox is the coolest thing ever, even though they probably touched grass before
Did you know I said a bad word today, it was b1tch, b-1-t-c-h
by Pow Block the Artist August 3, 2022
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