Going on a date with three different couples.
Man 1:Hey Ben, do you and Michelle wanna go to dinner with Tom and Jerry and their girlfriends?
Man 2: Isn't that a triple date?
Man 1: YES!
Man 2: Okay then.
by Bachchoy June 18, 2008
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It when you have a group a friends, preferably 3 boys, 3 girls, and they all go out with on each person in that group. ;)
Max: I like Caitlin

Caitlin: I like max
Max: wanna go out?
Caitlin: YES

Flynn: I like makayla

Makayla: sorry i don’t like u
Flynn: darn
*a while later*
Makayla: I like Flynn now
Flynn: FUCK YES. Wanna go out?
Makayla: sure

Nic: erin do u like me?
Erin: no
Nic: *dies Inside* well I like u

Erin: do u like?
Nic: I like u
Erin:... :O

*few months later after talking all the time*
Erin: I’m falling for u

Nic: holy fuck

Nic: wanna go out

Erin: sure

*they all live happy ever after, and they are sometime awkward but they are all getting closer*
All: we should hang out n Albany

Erin: triple date ;)
by randopando2 June 26, 2018
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a crazy improvised dance done when notified that you will be accompanied by two bros on a triple date with three hot chicks. FLIPPIN SWEET!
dude1: hey bro, wanna go on a triple date with me and christian?
dude2: yeah dude, flippin sweet!
dude3: (does the triple date dance while singing *triple date*over and over)
by tripledatedancer January 31, 2011
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