A class that rapes the shit out of you and your GPA. Learn useful things like deprotonating your mom and what not to do after college
The organic chemistry did me in the butt and I bent over for it.
by Kbad December 5, 2006
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A discipline of chemistry which involved the study of the structure, reactions, compounds, et. al. of organisms and other organic compounds that contain carbon. Often refered to simply as "organic" or "o-chem." Considered by many to be the number one ass-raper on college campuses.
After that first organic chemistry test Little Billy decided that a degree in chemistry wasn't worth it.
by Matt October 10, 2005
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a right of passage for many undergraduate college students whom hope to one day be medical practitioners. This right of passage involves the prospective doctor bending over, dropping his or her pants, and allowing organic chemistry to have its way with their ass.
Student 1: Yeah, I've got to take organic chemistry next semester.

Student 2: Enjoy being raped.
by Lewisfriend December 15, 2009
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A college class that will make you insane in one of two ways:

1) You do not get the material, try to learn it by memorizing everything, and wind up feeling like you are running while tied to the back of a fast moving pickup truck. Your grades suck and you go crazy trying to improve them. Or you just give up and get depressed.

2) You figure out that organic chemistry must be learned like a language, and start to gain fluency in it. You understand pKa's, what nucleophiles are best, and all the fun stuff you can do with a C=O bond. Worse still, you probably enjoy it, and may even wish to include organic chemistry in your career. Thus, you are crazy.
1) Some innocent premed took organic chemistry just to fill a requirement. She barely survived and doesn't want to talk about it. However, she's now a perfectly normal nurse.

2) A woman I knew was an English major until she took organic chemistry. She liked it and turned renegade, and went to get her PhD in organic. By the time I met her, four years into grad school, she was my ochem lab TA and could play Grace from Avatar without makeup. She now teaches organic chemistry at a community college near you...Beware!
by Uncloseted Nerd November 8, 2010
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the worst form of torture known to man.
My head i going to explode because there is to much SHIT!!! to know for this fucking god awful shitty class!!! organic chemistry
by goose9192 April 28, 2012
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The literal definition of hell. Those who take it will begin to question their major and thus opt out for finance or engineering, which aren't bad choices. For the rest of those who continue, they will become broken by the time they do organic chemistry 2.
Person 1: "Have Organic Chemistry next year. Nice!"

Person 2: "Wait until you get into shapes, then you will truly understand the definition of hell."
by senthurmanz September 3, 2017
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A college course from hell, where your grade depends on your professor. Heaven forbid getting a professor that swamps your ass with homework.
Person 1: Heard that John dropped Organic Chemistry.

Person 2: Smart man.
by senthurmanz October 24, 2017
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