a type of alien that will invade earth in the year 3065.

habitat: mars
Allies: rectangular prisms, cubic centimeters and decahedrons
Enemies: humans
Dude: hey dude did you know that the trapezoids will invade earth in 3065
by Deadlypants905 July 16, 2020
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Trapezoid is a word to explain irrelevant people because a trapezoid is an irrelevant shape that no one wants. Who would want a trapezoid over any other shape?
Guy 1: So dude if you had to pick a shape between a circle, square, trapezoid, and a diamond, which one would you want the least?

Guy 2: Oh of course the trapezoid like why the fuck would I pick a trapezoid.
by Shape Expert October 23, 2015
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insane, different, unique. one who is not afraid to be themselves.
Brittain is seriously trapezoidal.
by Brink February 19, 2004
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n. A quadrilateral pair of breasts of either sex or animal having two parallel sides.

sl. Trappys, Trappers (Chief Brit).

New Latin trapezods, from Greek trapezoeids, trapezium-shaped :trapeza, table; see trapezium + -oeids, -oid. Old English trappytits.
"That's a strange table-looking bra that woman has on Dan," "No that ain't no bra Grant, those are trapezoids!"
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
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Much like a rhombus referring to a particularly attractive asian woman (who has a slanted box), a trapezoid (or 'zoid) refers to a woman who's box has no correct angles. Basically, an ugly woman.
Jesus, did you see that hot rhombus that just sauntered out of the locker room? Her fat friend looked like an even bigger trapezoid by comparison.
by RabbiRabinowitz March 23, 2006
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Not a normal butthole, trapezoid shaped
Hey Caleb, so what’s happened last night with you and your girl?? “She put a finger in my butt and now I have a anal trapezoid.
by Official if Tony September 21, 2022
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