1)One who is learned, kind, and/or has a love of education and others

2) one who does not like to be overly social and yet is always fun to be around
1) Wow I wish I had dedicated my time to volunteer for those refugees but I’m no Brittain.

2) Dang I wanted to just hangout but she is so Brittain.
by pseudobenym January 20, 2009
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a girl who can treat you like shit and you'll worship at her feet
someone who is easy to fall hard for

man my girlfriend is such a brittain.

by born too short March 7, 2009
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pronounced: brit’-tan-toe or Bri'tain Toe

Used to describe any mammal -specifically humans- possessing a second toe (the toe next to the big toe) which is larger or extends beyond the length of the big toe itself.

Also known as "Second Big Toe"

Brittain Toe is a condition pertaining to the feet. It is most publically noticed on women by other women and men with a fetish for feet.

UMT/Urban Medical Term: Phalangenosis of the 2nd set.
(derived from Phalange Bones)

Brittain Toe can also be use as a compound word: brittaintoe
Sally’s friends laughed their asses off whenever she wore sandals, thanks to her long, crunchy brittain toe.

FRIEND 1: "Hey, that chick from the club was HOT!"
FRIEND 2: "Yea, she was HOT but..."

FRIEND 2: "...But she had peek-a-boo shoes with brittaintoe!"

FRIEND 2: "Yea dude, it'll look like she's flipping me the bird under her sox!"
by Chase&Crash March 9, 2007
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'Noun': A strange ability to make almost everyone that you meet instantly like you as a result of you being a very, very nice man.
"Damn I like you, you have the James Brittain effect"


"I want to rip your clothes off, must be that James Brittain effect"
by jamesisaniceniceman August 20, 2011
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