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When an individual only snapchats their significant other and leaves everyone else on opened.
Boy 1: Why do you always leave me on open but you always reply to your girlfriend?

Boy 2: I don't know I'm just not good at snapchat.

Boy 1: Nah, you're snapwhipped.
by Shape Expert February 13, 2018
A code word used by a male specimen to indicate that he in fact has an erection.
Girl: What is that bulge coming from your pants?

by Shape Expert July 6, 2017
A Darius is that guy who wears dark clothes and looks like they're up to no good. A Darius is more likely to skip class and do lip sync raps on snapchat
Classmate 1: Hey where's Darius?

Classmate 2: I saw him today he must be skipping, oh what a Darius...
by Shape Expert October 23, 2015
Trapezoid is a word to explain irrelevant people because a trapezoid is an irrelevant shape that no one wants. Who would want a trapezoid over any other shape?
Guy 1: So dude if you had to pick a shape between a circle, square, trapezoid, and a diamond, which one would you want the least?

Guy 2: Oh of course the trapezoid like why the fuck would I pick a trapezoid.
by Shape Expert October 23, 2015