9 definitions by Taylor Esformes

A word use in the Arfenhouse series of cartoons, "Bez" can be used to replace almost any word in a sentence, and it can be used as an extra, meaningless word.
Look, it do giantovmahbutt! How you bez?

Who Bez?
by Taylor Esformes April 28, 2004
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Not only a modern airline, but an airline that offers free satellite TV service in every seat. There is an LCD screen embedded in the seat back in front of you, allowing you to watch
tv during your flight.
I flew from miami to New York on Jetblue.
by Taylor Esformes April 03, 2004
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In Dance Dance Revolution, to "FC" a song is to score a "full combo"; that is, to not miss a single step.
I just FC'ed a Challenge level song! I'm awesome.
by Taylor Esformes April 02, 2004
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They not the ulitmate french duo. They are the ultra-super-ultimate duo in the whole world. One more time, baby!
I just bought all of the Daft Punk Albums. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.
by Taylor Esformes March 03, 2004
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An old-fashioned term for a meal eaten late in the day, usually reffered to nowadays as dinner.
by Taylor Esformes March 29, 2004
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