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insane, different, unique. one who is not afraid to be themselves.
Brittain is seriously trapezoidal.
by Brink February 19, 2004
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cool awesome rad dope bad
Dude, that shirt is freaking stellar yo.
by Brink February 19, 2004
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Gargle : to hold (a liquid or in this case a solid) in the mouth or throat and agitate with air from the lungs
Balls: Testicales

Gargling Balls: when a person metaphorically gargle (aguh aguh aguh...) the balls of another person with their mouth because he is that person's personal servant or bitch.
Joe goes out of his way to make Bills day, therefore Joe gargles Bills balls.

Eric does what Tim wants, therefore Eric gargles Tim's balls.
by Brink February 18, 2005
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