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friend: are you going to Area 51?
me: yes, I’m hoping to find a Jeffree Star
by papilovesyou101 August 14, 2019
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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He is a guy that likes mirrors and makeup and cars and money to much bitch
Shane Dawson:
Andrew siwiki: its literally just jeffree stars mansion
by Dumby poopoo January 30, 2020
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A self proclaimed extra terrestrial being going by the pronoun "ew".

Beware of the presence for it becomes nigh impossible not to fall in live with the creature of such extraordinary beauty.

Officially the Queen Who Broke the Internet and the owner of a multi-million empire of make up, merch and much, much more.

He is the sassiest of the sassiest, the most controversial of them all and with a plethora of followers who wouldn't touch anything that wasn't Jeffree Star Approved.

I give you Jeffree Freaking Star!
A: "I bought this mug today"
B: "Is it Jeffree Star Approved?"
A: "I... don't think so"
B: "Trash. Can't relate."
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Makeup artist, Model, "Rapper" and self proclaimed "Queen of the Beautiful's"
Claims to speak his mind and thinks he is an extraordinary being.
Has done makeup for stars like Kelly Osbourne and... others.
Thinks of himself as the "impossible dose"
Two of his songs are straight boys and we want cunt.
He is planning on recording more songs such as cumdumpster.
Many people attempt to copy his style, but fail miserably. He enjoys hardcore screaming.
He has been on aural salvation, where he says that he wants to put glitter on the "big belly's" of the poor children in Africa.
He used to self harm, saying that it's fault of his obsessive compulsive disorder.
If he were to go on an island and was allowed to bring one object it would be a razor.
His live shows consist of a song where he repeats the words WHORE and FUCK repeatedly and to add a little twist he screams them in the end.
He is friends with Raquel Reed and the art rock band called Scarling.
Is a boy friend kleptomaniac.
Likes gangster rap.
His lyrics have many drug and sexual references :
Boys fess up..
Girls fess up..
All coked up..
Boys fess up..
Girls fess up..
Actin' like sluts..
He is a homosexual and a cross dresser, though he has had sex with women, such as Raquel Reed.
Has an obsession with JonBenet Ramsey
Has several tattoos
Loves MAC, Nars and Hard Candy makeup.
jeffree star : what am I?
Roxxxie : beautiul
jeffree star : I'm beautiful
by unkown10000001 August 07, 2006
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