Someone who disagrees with transgender people or their ideology.
Person1: I don’t think people can identify with whatever they feel like
Person 2: That’s transphobic
by Kivster October 30, 2019
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1) Treating someone differently, because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

2) Also, refusing to treat someone differently because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

3) Referring to a transgender person, or treating them, in any manner other than exactly what they would like you to.
A: "Check out that guy in the dress; what a fruit."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, see that guy over there in the dress?"
B: "That's a girl."
C: "No, it's clearly a guy."
B: "She's wearing a dress, therefor you should refer to her as female."
C: "That doesn't make any sense."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, whatever happened to John?"
B: "John got sexual reassignment surgery. Her new name is Guenevere McAwesome."
C: "That's moronic; I'm just going to keep calling him John."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."
by Buki March 23, 2007
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Transnegative: description of a person who holds negative attitudes (disgust, fear, hatred, etc.) of transsexualand transgender individuals.
As a Ph.D. clinical psychologist who has worked with and conducted research with transsexuals, now more commonly known as transgenderists, I note that the Urban Dictionary's present denotation of "transphobic" is incorrect and misleading. While humorous, it is NOT a fear of transformers or riding public transportation. Not so.
Transphobic is a person who is fearful of transgenderists or that he or she is emotionally distressed that he or she actually qualifies for the term themselves.

Heteronegativism was first defined in my 1999 article (White, S. R., & Franzini, L .R. (1999). Heteronegativism: The attitudes of gay men and lesbians toward heterosexuals. Journal of Homosexuality, 37, 65-79.)
Chris hates transgenderists, perhaps due to the fear that he or she is one. Chris isn't transphobic, but rather is strongly transnegative.
Transphobics are those individuals who actually fear encountering transgenderists in public restrooms. Transphobics may be so anxious that they delay relieving themselves for long periods until they get home.
Transgenderism is not contagious. Phobias are irrational fears.
by Lieu June 14, 2020
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Someone who criticizes the lgbtqs actions, ackowledges a hive mind or challenges their beliefs in anyway.
Hey, that guy said I have an X and a Y chromosome, he's Transphobic!
by chriswalker1111 October 27, 2019
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A label people on stan Twitter like to use for common sense
Person: you don't think trans women are women? That's so transphobic
Person 2: Not really, it's just a common sense fact
by Stanley Kupp November 25, 2020
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phobic = fear/ scared
trans = girl -> guy/guy -> girl

SOOO badda bang badda boom is means you’re scared of transgender people 🤷🏼 ♀️
Friend: *shows u a video of Antonio Garza*
You: “sorry man I’m transphobic
Friend: “sorry man”

by tea sis.. October 16, 2018
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