A Person who is Transphobic doesn’t accept Trans-Men and Trans-Women as they don’t think you can switch Genders.
Transphobic Person: You are the gender you are born with. That’s what god made you.
by Advocesta March 31, 2021
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Discriminatory against individuals who identify as Transgender.
Transphobic laws continue to pass in many states and countries despite an increasingly positive public opinion of Transgender issues.

Suicide rates among Transgender individuals is markedly higher than cisgender individuals. This is quite likely due to poor treatment from Transphobic people in their lives.
by KaityKat117 April 09, 2021
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the act of discriminating against "MtF" or "FtM" people.
short form for transphobic is transphobe.
John : "You damn trannie"
Karen : "How dare you do that, you transphobic piece of shit!"
Karen : "I'll tell your mommy!"
John : "Whatever, trannie."
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by diamond supremacy May 10, 2021
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