bad, badda
yuh sey dem badman fi bad , mi sey mi badda than badman
by McH June 21, 2003
man that love to kiss young boy and sex him and it very it bad
look that baddas he look like nonce
by Eris isik May 23, 2020
The one and only phrase New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi says because he looks like he has down syndrome and he prob cant speak good english either and requires a translator because no one can understand him.
Coach: "Tedy go tackle that pad"
Tedy Bruschi: "Badda?!
Coach: "Do it now"
Tedy Bruschi: "BADDA BADDA BADDA!"
by CastorMcMichaels June 11, 2004
Often heard in the order "badda bing, badda boom", the phrase is a way of saying, "That's it, it's all taken care of". The exact origin of "badda boom, badda bing" is a mystery, but the best guess I've heard is that it started as a verbal imitation of a "rim shot," the drummer's punctuation to a comic's punchline in the old vaudeville routines.
"We set the Judge up with a hooker, Louie busts in with a camera, and badda bing, badda boom, case dismissed".
by Robbie Mullen February 7, 2007
A common phrase usually used by an italian when you are excited or ancy. Also, is uses as an exclamation
We went in there and Badda Bing! we took care of everything
by Dino Parmagiano June 27, 2006
The antonym for
This is a person who has the attributes of

Ben, (Benedict Arnold),

A Dick, (self explanatory)
Don, (A Godfather)
Adolf, (self explanatory)
Or a Treasonous, Racist Dickhead who thinks he’s Adolf Hitler who’s a muther ...... you can figure out the rest
1.:- #DonaldTrumpDumbass is really a #BADDA MF...
Red necks, Racists & @fox&friends said “Shut your mouth
#BenADickDonAldof #BADDAMF
by MarqMyWord October 29, 2019
a term that one would use state that persons gangsta credability
rahaaaaaaated fam my man is a nexxxt badda man
by krustyburger February 9, 2007