Fear of transformers I think? I dunno I never watched the movies.
Person 1: I am transphobic, afraid of transformers that is!

Person 2: Just fucking stop Derrek you're not funny.
by I have many sex November 15, 2021
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1) A person who has a fear of transsexual people.

2) A last-ditch effort to undermine someone you don’t agree with when you have no factual explanation for why you think they’re wronf
Person 1: I’m flattered but I’m not into guys.

Person 2: *screams* You’re transphobic!
Person 1: Well no, it’s just the whole “penis”thing and you being a dude and all…
Person 2: Rabble! Rabble rabble rabble!
by SesualChocolate April 27, 2022
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Someone who criticizes the lgbtqs actions, ackowledges a hive mind or challenges their beliefs in anyway.
Hey, that guy said I have an X and a Y chromosome, he's Transphobic!
by chriswalker1111 October 27, 2019
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Transgender does use Transphobic as a slur to put down biological women and biological men who do not subscribe to woke ideology.

The word 'transphobic' is thrown around too loosely nowadays.

People who generally have no problem with trans people and can co-exist with them in society get told they're transphobic because they do not agree with every transgender issue.

Calling someone a 'transphobe' is quite a strong word; it means they have hate/fear/aversion towards transgender people. But in reality, most people getting called transphobic these days have no such problems and can get along with transgender people.
If someone doesn't want to be called cisgender - you are Transphobic
If someone is against transgender women being in women's sports -you are Transphobic
If anyone calls Jeffery March out on his grooming behaviour - you are Transphobic
If you don't want to be called a chestfeeding - you are Transphobic
If you don't want to be called a birthing person - you are Transphobic
if you don't want to be called pregnant partner - you are Transphobic
if you want to be called a mother- you are Transphobic
by Princess Elina April 20, 2023
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"Trans people aren't real people and that's a fact. I'm a reasonable person."
"No Brad, you're just transphobic."
by YourFellowSburbian April 3, 2018
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A fucking twat who thinks that transgender people are not human
Max: hey did you hear about Tyler?
Oliver: what the transphobic one
by SamusIsMyRealName February 19, 2018
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I sexual perversion characterised by a fixation on other people's genitals and a belief that people are defined solely by their penis or vagina, commonly found in feeble-minded imbeciles who demand simplicity in a complicated world.
I'm not transphobic, but I just can't stop thinking about her cock.
by Growthefuckup March 7, 2018
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