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According to the regessive left, any person who accepts reality and the demonstrable fact that there are only two sexes (disregarding abnormalities), and therefore only two genders.
Person A: That human has a penis and an X chromosome, and therfore is a man.
Person B: You're a Transphobe!
Person A: No. I merely accept reality.
by Morkus Morkus August 12, 2018
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Someone who is against or doesn't like someone that is or will be transgender
There are so many transphobes against Caitlyn Jenner
by AnxiousVirus November 01, 2015
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1. Someone who has a irrational fear and or hatred of transgender people

2. Someone who disagrees with transgender person regardless of the argument at hand, in this case the "transphobe" isn't actually transphobic the transperson is proabably not really transgender but a transtrender
1. Tom the transphobe makes a habit of putting down transgender teens over the internet.

2. Tina the Transtrender: Cisphobia isn't real. I hate all cisgendered people and wish they would die violently.
Felix the Friendly: What you just said is proof that not only cisphobia exists, but that you yourself are a cisphobe
Tina the transtrender: Felix you are a transphobe who has no clue what they're talking about.
by Caterina Microwave August 23, 2016
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