Someone who is afraid of transcontinental travel. Kind of like an agoraphobe but they are okay to leave the house.
I would go to Canada but I'm too much of a transphobe to travel that far.
by Mdlily June 14, 2019
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“Someone” who hates trans people.

Examples of what transphobes say:

“Oh my god why are trans women trying to pee in peace? This is wrong!”

“Oh no don’t teach my kid about trans people! It will turn them trans! Just like how teaching kids about geometry turns them into fucking shapes!”

“Trans people will never be men!!112

They usually reject the term cis but then get mad when a trans person doesn’t want to be called trans. They also usually forget trans men exist.
“My dad is transphobic

“Why is Taylor so transphobic?”
“Brian is a huge transphobe
by ✨don’t be homophobic ✨ February 26, 2021
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A word used to describe someone who is transphobic, or promotes the prejudice of transgender people.
Jared, a transphobe: "I think trans people go against God."

Anyone with common sense: "My fucking god, Jared, how many fucking times do we have to go over this? I understand your hate for trans people, it makes sense, but constantly bringing it up and trying to bring people who want to be the way they are just makes you an asshole. While it may go against your culture or practices, it does not meant everyone must abide to practicing your own culture and practices, just because people are different. Transgender people have a right to practice what they believe, regardless of religion, and to try to use religion against them is pety. I'm sorry, Jared, but I will have to stop hanging out with you if you're constantly going to bring up this bullshit every five seconds. Loosen up for once, will you?"

Jared, a transphobe: "But it's my beliefs! You're attacking me just because I think differently than you, making you a hypocrite to your own claims."

Anyone with common sense: "Of course it's your beliefs, and I specified earlier that I understand your hate for trans people, but to say that trans people go against god or some shit like that is not just a belief, but instead hate speech."

Jared: "Ok, dumbass."

Anyone with common sense: "See you, bitch."
by WinterSkiis December 27, 2019
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Someone who only relies of basic biology and never bothered to learn advanced biology.
Transphobe: People can't be trans, it's basic biology
Smart person: People can be trans, it's advanced biology
by carpet boi November 20, 2021
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Commonly, a 81 year widowed man who likes to bully oppressed groups for his own enjoyment. Usually lives in a retirement home or the basement of his dead mother.

More commonly, a shriveled up wrinkly child from the age range of 11-18. Survives off Sprite and the crumbs of attention they get on the internet while giving people religious trauma. They are unloved by their parents/family, and usually live in their mom’s attic or basement till the day they die.
Kyle: “yo my dudes lolz. trans men are like, just tomboys. okay my bros wanna go have like, a totally radical party at my grandma’s house?”

person: who tf are you mf social reject

person 2: yeah lmao your wrinkly ass looks like a shriveled newborn

person 3:(has to say this) transphobe
by vesseI August 14, 2021
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some moronic bastard that doesn't respect the pronouns and/or gender someone goes by
"Fuck off you Transphobe!"
by inFROGnito June 10, 2020
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Apparently anyone with common sense who acknowledges biological reality/someone who isn’t willing to learn the ever-increasing amount of pronouns that are being invented by the day.
Person 1: Apparently that employee was fired because he accidentally used ‘he’ to refer to a 6’3” brutish man in a wig.
Insane person: Good! That Transphobe deserves it!
Person 1: Please seek help.
by TrippieBlue February 8, 2022
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