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“Someone” who hates trans people.

Examples of what transphobes say:

“Oh my god why are trans women trying to pee in peace? This is wrong!”

“Oh no don’t teach my kid about trans people! It will turn them trans! Just like how teaching kids about geometry turns them into fucking shapes!”

“Trans people will never be men!!112

They usually reject the term cis but then get mad when a trans person doesn’t want to be called trans. They also usually forget trans men exist.
“My dad is transphobic

“Why is Taylor so transphobic?”
“Brian is a huge transphobe
by ✨don’t be homophobic ✨ February 26, 2021
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“Someone” who hates gay people.

No their not scared, I didn’t make the term.

some synonyms:

Seventh grade boys

Usually homophobes are also transphobes, because, ya know, they like to be assclowns.
“My mom is homophobic

“Why is everybody in my life homophobic”

Cassie is such a homophobe
by ✨don’t be homophobic ✨ February 26, 2021
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Awesome valid girl who was assigned male at birth. Trans girls usually take steps to transition, such as hormones or surgery, but you can transition without those things as well. You don’t even have to transition at all if you don’t want! Doesn’t make you any less of a girl :D
“My friend Diana is a trans girl. I love and accept her for who she is!”
“My mom’s friend is a trans girl.”
by ✨don’t be homophobic ✨ February 26, 2021
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