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To walk down to the supermarket with your coin jar to get your "spare" changed turned into paper money or goods.
After being out of work for several months, Dave did the "march of dimes" to the supermarket to turn his spare change jar into something more usable than a paperweight.
by Mdlily July 12, 2009
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Someone who is afraid of transcontinental travel. Kind of like an agoraphobe but they are okay to leave the house.
I would go to Canada but I'm too much of a transphobe to travel that far.
by Mdlily June 14, 2019
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Someone who is spectacular in their douche ways. Until there is a scale to rate someones doucheness, douchetacular is the most douche that a person can possibly be.
OMG, that guy is douchetacular! Those dollar store earrings and those waxed eyebrows just catapulted him to the top! And stealing my parking spot did not hurt his score either.
by Mdlily November 22, 2009
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To be implanted with many embyros that results in the mother having a litter of children that resembles the multiple births that dogs and cats routinely have.
Nadya Suleman had invetro fertilization that resulted in her having the litter of 8 offspring
by Mdlily February 3, 2009
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"Noobs" are non-binary mammary glands or non-binary boobs. This avoid misgendering of the tatas
Chris has a sweet set of noobs!
by Mdlily July 23, 2021
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