When a man hears this the first thing he thinks of is what the cold does to his wanker. Women think its funny but men don't because that's not what his normal flaccid penis looks like.
Joe's penis was all shriveled up like a raisin from the cold but when he got into the hot tub just the opposite happened.
by jimmybomm December 3, 2020
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An insult used by internet trolls and tryhards who use death threats. Basically the troll/troll wannabe hates the person hates so much they want them to shrivel up and die in a horrible manner.
Emily said 'I hate you Drmusic2, I want you to Shrivel Up and Die!'.
by MM132 September 7, 2019
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Your dick will be soft as shit. Most use in behaviors
Ayo stop smoking it will shrivel up your dick.
by bigdickivan September 19, 2022
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