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A trans man is a man sexed as "female" at birth, who identifies and lives as a man.

A trans man may or may not take testosterone supplements or have reconstructive surgery, depending on individual circumstances, health, desires, and finances.
Chaz Bono is maybe the most well known trans man right now, but Jamison Green and Loren Cameron have been doing public education and outreach for years.
by rejgtz February 23, 2011
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A transgendered person who was born female but has transitioned to masculinity through hormones, chest surgery, bottom surgery, and/or simply by identifying as male.
He hesitated to get into bed with the woman; he afraid of her knowing that he was actually a transman.
by alice November 07, 2003
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An FtM who (a)identifies as male, (b)has transitioned far enough so that he appears to be an ordinary (genetic) man, and (c)does not identify as nongendered, mixed gendered, or female.
When I try to describe my transman boyfriend to my family, I usually say that he was born female but now he looks, acts, and smells like any other man. But really, what works best is for them just to meet him.
by Amy Too April 20, 2004
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