A trans man is a man sexed as "female" at birth, who identifies and lives as a man.

A trans man may or may not take testosterone supplements or have reconstructive surgery, depending on individual circumstances, health, desires, and finances.
Chaz Bono is maybe the most well known trans man right now, but Jamison Green and Loren Cameron have been doing public education and outreach for years.
by rejgtz February 24, 2011
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A female to male transgender. Trans men don't need to look like a man to be one, they don't even need to transition if they don't want to, they are men no matter what they look like. They are the absolute cutest things on Earth, and they're in dire need of some hugs. Trans men are human, don't think of them as any less. If you ever meet a trans man, cherish them.
My friend Oliver came out as a trans man, he's handsome as heck, so I hugged him. I'll support him no matter what he does!
by RicardoTheSmartAss May 4, 2021
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a super awesome hero dude who was a women but got bitten by a trans crab and now fights homophobes, transphobes and terfs
timmy:oh fuck a straggot
Trans man:*knees him in the fucking shins*
timmy:wow thanks trans man
by raybeez February 11, 2022
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REALLY!? Reeeeally? So like... Biological female identifies as man? Really!?
Hym "Wow! Trans-man!? You're shitting me! My curiosity is peaked. I almost HAVE to look up his/her name. Shit... I'm almost at a loss for words. I would have guessed black guy before I guessed trans-man! I mean, your first guess almost HAS to be 'white-guy' (and you'd be semantically correct) but damn... I don't even know what to do here... Is it sexist for me NOT to do the scoreboard this time? Hold on............................................................... Ok. Audrey Hale 6-1-? This isn't praise (by the way) it's just the score. And (as anyone who plays the game knows) the score doesn't actually reflect what happened during the match and, sometimes, it doesn't even determine whether or not you win..."
by Hym Iam March 28, 2023
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A man who wears ladies clothes and make up
Wonder who does the man trans' make up. He looks better than me.
by Deidre Nadir October 7, 2022
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