NW Arkansas Halo Clan.
Starting now, since you've read this, we're cooler than you. Everytime we're cooler than you in the future, you have to pay us. You already owe alot. And we want it now. No pennies.
"Mommy! I just got pwned by Outreach Exodus!"
by ZILK December 18, 2004
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The phrase used by a man to explain and defend his copulation with a variety of ugly woman.

Similar, but not identical, to the commonly known "charity bang", a Community Outreach Programme differs from the aforementioned "charity bang" insofar as it involves the systematic banging of numerous women over an agreed time period
Lad 1: Man, landed a grenade there mate...
Lad 2: All part of my Community Outreach Programme bro. I like to give something back - like Chlamydia
Lad 1: Respect.
by BRG18 March 14, 2011
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A smaller movement within the american communist movement that seeks to spread the message of communism to teen. Other teen are often used to do this.
by Deep blue 2012 May 9, 2010
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A faction or smaller movement within the larger american communist movement. They seek to bring the communist message to the people of the inner cities so they will know they don't havew to depend on gangs to survive.
by Deep blue 2012 May 5, 2010
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In Chicago -- getting published in print on demand circles that's not a pay-a-grand to be published and how to effectively do it is appear with 15-18 other authors in an anthology over the years. Some don't see this as part of their vocabulary for some reason, don't see it as meaningful work for others. Getting yourself in print with TheBookPatch.com or Blurb.com are strong examples of this. Some don't understand this at all but in Florida it's cold calling those who are unfortunate. Reaching out to the community in Chicago -- the option is publication and getting the community published. This is very common when you see someone who is trying to get a GoFundMe going want to help them out do a press release and tap a mate who is on WritersCafe.org when they don't have New Media support.
Seems like Florida and Chicago are not on the same page when it comes to definition of this word: outreach , one on the other hand. They see an ISBN and ISSN, such as being on the newsstand the other well it's trying to be more active in the community where they don't see a skillset as a wheelhouse that's useful. Outreach has two different meanings in two locations; and that's a huge factor when horns are getting locked often -- the use of drabble burns out a man and having them disown their published output. That's a sin on their part. The thing about non-profits is how some became published in print was from this and the ISBN that is on The Book Patch and worked with LibreOffice what they have in common. Both are non-profit origins. "You want to outreach, you get published. Don't give someone the drabble output for this to work. Draw out your piece, put a lot of thought into it. Then show me what you can do."
by illinoishorrorman December 31, 2019
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