1) common old whore wound

2) easy excuse for men to not do work
1) My back pain didn't start until I started dating Johnny.

2) I can't do the dishes tonight, honey, I have back pain.
by quitethedarling June 28, 2013
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when your back is hurting from a extreme amount of sex and or work or sports the solution call jessie kahler
i have extream back pain so jessie kahler fixed it plus more ;)
by bubba23333 April 10, 2010
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When you tear so many papers apart that it starts to affect you back
I’ve been ripping apart so many papers that my back and arm are killing me who needs the gym when you got that am I right paper back pain!!!
by Tranny Sammy March 25, 2019
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Back pain that is caused by simply existing.
For example, feeling pain in the upper or lower back region when there is no reason too. This is known as existential back pain
by Shamiah James September 29, 2022
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When one comes behind a male and hits him in the nuts or penis by coming up through the legs from behind.
Man, last night my girlfriend gave me the worst back door pain train!

by RunsWithWetBuffalo April 22, 2009
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was there not there is there wasn't there will be there has been there
Lower Back Pain: I don't use it to protect my Phantom Forces KD but I only use it for Phantom Forces cus logic
by suckgaymer3212 November 5, 2020
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