An article of clothing or individual style that is both trashy and tacky.
OMG, Those fish-net stockings she's wearing are so tracky!
by bluejay21 December 17, 2008
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this is a combination of trashy and tacky. it is a synomyn for unclassy.
josh: omg. jake is so tracky. bellatris is the opposite of tracky, she's classy.
by unicornsaremylife102 August 22, 2009
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Usually nice high school track/ Cross Country runners who likely get high grades. However, they become annoying when one spends a majority of their time with them.

They form "track" tables at lunch where the conversations revolve around "PRs" or colorful spandex, and the big news is the possible fart lek workout for practice that day. When you see them outside of practice and school, you immediately feel guilty that you haven't run all weekend.

Track/Cross country are fun, "worth it" sports, but the trackies suck you in and become your only social circle and soon enough a majority of your conversations and thoughts revolve around your race times and workouts. As hard as it is, resist the "pull" of the trackies and just be a well rounded runner and person.
Man, all them trackies talk about is track.
by SteakDoll February 23, 2012
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Another word for "tracks", as in songs. Particularly of a heavier chiptune genre.
My newer trackies will have you cumming out of your tender earholes.
by Stef Moolah January 19, 2011
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