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An ETERNALLY mislabeled genre of music which has nothing to do with Moby, Tiesto, Chemical Brothers, or Fatboy Slim. Techno is indeed a broad sub-genre of electronic dance music (or EDM, what many people use "techno" inproperly as a blanket term for) which fulfills these following constituents:

1. It is in some form minimalist, whether in composition or in sequencing.
2. It is created for the sole purpose of making people dance.
3. It is constructed in a manner to allow DJs to quickly and expertly mix and layer 2 or more of these compositions simultaneously.

Due to it's building-block nature, true techno is closer to hip-hop than many of the genres (such as trance and breakbeat) which it is erroneously associated with.
"Many argue that the works of Jeff Mills are techno in it's purest form, but others disagree."
by Kevin Farabaugh August 23, 2003

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n. - A term often used in underground techno and house music circles to describe an electronic composition which is at it's core usually a repeating 1, 2, or 4-bar loop. The purpose of this is to allow a DJ to quickly and effectively mix the record with any other record in a set without having to pay particularly close attention to one record's fills or changes over time (also known as phrasing).
"That new Hardcell record is particularly tracky."
by Kevin Farabaugh August 23, 2003

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n. - Slang in the word of underground techno for a highly-repetative or tracky composition in which the melody and rhythm are made up of percussional sounds and/or rhythmic, non-lyrical chants. These techno compositions, often simply called "tracks", are made for the sole purpose of being played by a DJ. Often said in a negative connotation, as a drum track serves little purpose in a DJ mixed set than transitional filler between the more popular and structured tracks.
"Many of Zync Records's detractors argue that all they put out is banging, obnoxious drum tracks."
by Kevin Farabaugh August 23, 2003

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