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the anti-track sport because it requires no endurance whatsoever. most guys on the shot put team are football players who get bored in the spring or football players that can't cut it in baseball any more.
dude nick just threw 52'6. hes going to the state finals for shot put.
by john gallione March 31, 2008
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While a woman is being fisted she engages her kegels, stands up and spins around in a circle until she releases the fister, flinging him across in the manner of a shotput.
-Holy crap man! I'm never going to fist a bitch again.
-What do you mean?
-I was fisting my girl and she got pissed.
-So what happened then?
-So she gets pissed and she fuckin' shotputs me across the room!
-Harsh, dude, I hope you learned your lesson.
by TrainwreckMary May 17, 2007
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shot put is a game where you throw a metal ball and try to get it as far as possible.
Sensei rhys explained to ben, "shot put is where you YEET a metal ball".
by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >o< March 06, 2019
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