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Short for tracksuit.
i'm just gonna change into my tracky
by suit September 15, 2005

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A woman used to get a man out of an unusual slump. This is often an appalling woman used to get a desperate guy to try to find the right woman instead of begging his friends to set him up with anyone. It can also be just an appealing woman used to get a guy back into the swing of things via a hit-it-and-quit-it.

WARNING: Sometimes, using an unappealing woman can lead to a guy no longer being interested in women at all. Though maybe this is your goal.
"Hey, how's it going with Al?"
"Not good, he's desperate and it's just bringing everyone down."
"We might need to use a Wake-Up Woman."

"Hey, how's Cory?"
"Not well, after his break-up, he's just sulking all day in his room. Not the player we know and love."
"Try introducing him to some sexy Wake-Up Woman, that'll get him back in the game!"
by Suit December 31, 2012

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