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One of the most beautifull cities in the world. Situated in south western france it is called "la ville rose" which means the pink city. vERY friendly people live there and there is a strong english and american community livingi there. If you hate france and are one of those gay people that judge a country they have never been to, then its just as well that u stay here and dont go over to europe, ull just give americans a worse name than they already have. the french are a loving and caring nation w/e ppl chose to think.
"I had the best trip ever. "
"where were you, toulouse?"
"how did u know?..."
by scharlie January 02, 2005
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The city in southern France that is the headquarters of Boeing's biggest nightmare, Airbus Industrie.
The planes the fly from Toulouse are way better than the ones from Everett and Renton!
by Go Airbus! April 01, 2005
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The act of getting too loose through the relentless consumption of alcohol.
Tarquin: what happened to you last night mate?

Fred: I woke up naked in bed next to an elderly fellow with my knob-end red raw

Tarquin: ah mate looks like you took a little trip to Toulouse
by Dahoogulus January 20, 2017
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Worst city in France "to lose". It's called ville rose because it's gay and sucks. If you ever come to France stay away at all costs go visit a place that kicks ass like Paris or the south coast.
Damm my life is shit I had to live in toulouse 13 fucking years of my life
by ronto January 09, 2005
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