Pronounced: Ren-ton

An unbelievably stupid person that lacks in common sense.
You thought africa was part of Europe? Youre such a renton
by G.F.R.G January 17, 2019
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Town immediately south of Seattle Washington. Inhabited primarily by obese teen mothers donning Nike Warehouse sweatsuits and extraordinary camel toes. Major industries include SE Asian-owned cigar/paraphernalia/mini-motorbike shoppes, mail-order brides, dentures and bathtub crank. Popular cultural pastimes include tubing in coliforms, QVC, dogfighting and Montel.
"Sure, she's a balding swamp donkey, but she's also Ms. Teen Renton! 'nother Jager?"
by GDP August 08, 2005
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Renton is a suburban city in the state of Washington. it is about 10 miles south of Seattle and is within King County. Home to some of the biggest and well known companies such as Kenworth and Boeing. Its ideal location heightens its popularity as it is in between Seattle and Tacoma; the two major cities of Washington. It is on the southern tip of Lake Washington and is home to the Seattle Seahawks training facility right along the the lake. Famous rock legend Jimi Hendrix once resided in Renton, and has a memorial in the Greenwood cemetery. It's a very reputable city and not as ghetto as other areas surrounding the area... (Fairwood,Kent,Auburn) Renton is stretched through its downtown area to the southwest, the highlands in the east/center and follows Lake Washington from Gene Coulon park on the west, all the way north to the beautiful Kennydale area overlooking the lake. It is often referred as "the RNT" or "the 425" as 425 is the area code for the city. Anyone in the metropolitan area knows Renton and respects it not only for it being an economical powerhouse but for its beauty, its history, its easy going appeal and it being an all around solid town.
-Tom "Where you from, breh?"
-Dave "oh, im from the RNT"
-Tom "oh Renton? that's whats up, my Aunt lives up there"
-Dave "yim..."
by PoppinPapaverz February 15, 2011
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The city between the Seattle and Bellevue areas that is a mix of blue collar town and ritzy suburb. Borders Lake Washington, the Seatac airport, and Cougar Mountain. Most Seattlelites recognize Renton as good ol' blue collar, and most Bellevue Eastsiders still don't have a clue that Renton exists as even the phone books don't include it as 'Eastside'. Great real estate location with good prices!
The city of Renton is home to one of the prettiest beach parks in the Puget Sound - Coulon Beach Park.
by Sandygal1976 December 24, 2010
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Pronounced: Ren-Tahn
The act of taking one's first and second born and smashing them together
Damn Washingtonian drivers! I will Renton them!
by Barril December 13, 2004
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Word, possibly from Shropshire, meaning to have got very drunk and be suffering the next day for it. A hangover, but a very bad one, generally worse than should be expected.
You look pretty rentoned this morning mate.

Yeah, had 10 pints last night.
by MattyBoy1982 January 22, 2012
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Someone from The Renton. Small village in West Scotland. Birth place of Tobias Smollett. Best wee village in Scotland. Used to be very tight knit community until the Interlopers moved in. World famous sweetie shop Tom Swans, local people called it Tam Ducks. Winnie's local pub, vintage pub. Decor very very vintage. It's like a step back in time.

The rantan
The Renton. Renton rentonare rentonar rentoner
by BasketCase77 July 07, 2019
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