An absolutely amazing guy who will always be there when you need him. If you find an Everett, don’t let him go. He is one of the best people you will ever meet. He is trustworthy and honest and won’t let you down. He won’t tell you he loves you if he doesn’t mean it. He is handsome and cute and will sweep you off of your feet. Although he can be a little annoying at times, he is still a great person who deserves the world.
Person 1: that guy is so nice and he’s really cute too.

Person 2: Oh yeah that’s Everett. He’s absolutely amazing
by Wassup my mammals May 13, 2020
Everett is a generalized shade of purple. Since many people like the color purple it is upon them to determine what their 'Everett' is. Everett is usually your favorite shade of purple but can be used as a synonym for purple.
Jessie: Wow! What color is your sweater!! It's beautiful on you!

Bean: It's Everett !

Jessie: Everett ?
Bean: Its only the BEST shade of purple! How don't you know that!?
by Shadowzie February 3, 2012
He is an adventurous, kind, handsome man. He is an absolute adrenaline junkie and loves extreme sports.
He is such an everett.
by Jake McBain June 21, 2020
Everett: meaning horse cock in old Latino.
"Wow Everett has a horse cock"
by Rudytombanavich November 27, 2018
The greatest person to ever exist even better that Jesus Christ he deserves everyones praise for he is the best human ever Jesus Christ doesn't have anything on Everett he is the 69 god.
Man Everett is the the greatest human ever
by The 69 god April 14, 2019