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The incredibly fast moving poop that seems to come out of nowhere, leaving you panicked and in emergent need of a bathroom.
While driving down the highway, I felt a twinge and, a minute later, was struck by the feeling of a torPOOdo barrelling through my lower colon, necessitating a last-second pull-off to a service station bathroom.
by janetta banetta September 18, 2010
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A torpedo shaped poop with a smooth body and low drag that plunges into a toilet with such propulsion that it disappears into the darkness of the deep waters, often out of the assailant's sight. This leaves the person with the feeling of essentially a phantom excrement.
-"Bro, I totally took a wicked dump, but when I looked into the toilet to evaluate my masterpiece, there was nothing there!"
-"That must've been one deadly torpoodo"
by wesk8 January 09, 2015
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A turd expelled at an extremely accelerated rate due to a simultaneous poop fart as the turd exits the anus
"I had to dry my butt cheeks after they were hit with the splash from firing a torpoodo."
by Poots_McGee August 21, 2016
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1. a. a poo that you let go in water, preferrably with the anus pointed at someone. b. a thin cylindrical anus-propelled underwater projectile
I bet you can't hit josh1 with a torpoodo.
by joah March 11, 2005
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