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Oderous flatulence which proceeds a large shit (pre-poop). Poop farts can yield information related to the upcoming crap including degree of stench, mass and potential anal velocity. Those conversant in art of poop farting can potentially predict color, texture and volume of the ensuing shit.
I had too much Qdoba last night and based on these poop farts, I predict a double-flush power dump with green, furry logs.
by Ronn May 07, 2006
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A very atrocious fart resembling the smell of poop, which is actually used as a reminder that a person needs to take a dump
"Eww, did you poop fart!?"

"Yeah, sorry I need to take a dump"
by murkin92 September 11, 2011
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Flatulence followed by unintentional excretion of fecal matter. See shart. Can also make a good nickname to call someone.
Nigel has poopfarted so many times that he decided it would be easier just to wear diapers.
by Some chick named Fred December 10, 2005
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Pooping when a fart is trapped behind the poop. The fart actually propels the poop out quicker. OR When you are unsure whether you need to poop or fart. Sometimes it's just one or the other. It is often a surprise.
I poop farted today and it was like blowing a bowling ball out of my butt.

I thought I needed to take a poop but it was just a poop fart.
by Grandpooba79 September 13, 2011
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Poopfart is a universal noun. Poopfart can be a person, place, thing, thought, or idea. Poopfart as a person: Someone who is dirty, says dumb things, or maybe just your best friend. Poopfart as a place: Any place you are going, or even where you are. Poopfart as a thing: Anything that has mass and is an object. Poopfart as a thought or idea: Any idea from anyone that you think is perposterous, great, or meaningless. Poopfart is the new greatest noun, you can use it in anyway, and how ever you want, no one will ever be offended, and it makes you cut down on cursing.
Person: Hannah, you be such a poopfart!

Place: Hey, let's go uptown to poopfart! I love shopping at that place!
Thing: *stubs toe on object* What is that poopfart doing there!
Thought or Idea: I have a poopfart! OR That poopfart is dumb, marcel the shell could think of something better.
by Nae-nae Glitterheat April 11, 2011
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a poop fart is baisicly the act of forcing out a fart, whilst it is really diarhea... and you poop instead. but still get the fart noise
i had to leave work early today to shower and change, cuz i had a poop fart
by Clinton the DP April 22, 2006
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