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The sport of taking off the porcelain lid of the toilet tank and pooping in the tank of the toilet, thus causing the toilet's owner many days of dirty flushing and unexplained stench.

Example 1:
"Dude, I heard you got fired last week...sorry to hear that."
"That's OK man, I top-shelfed them before I left."

Example 2:
"Damn, Jimmy your apartment stinks!"
"Did Sarah top-shelf you when you broke up with her?"
by Jimmy-Buckets May 30, 2009
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The act of defecating in someone's finest bottle of liquor. A homage to the classic Upper Decker.
Carl was being a douche at the party, so I gave him a good old fashioned top shelfing.
by Dr. Fugswidit June 08, 2018
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