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When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her in the face and then scream TONY DANZA!!!
Oh man, I totally pwned Jeff's girlfriend last week when I gave her a Tony Danza.
by Brian H September 13, 2005
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when you are having sex with a girl from behind and you say "who's the boss"? she will most likely reply "you are" then donkey punch her and say "Tony Danza is the boss, bitch, show the man some respect". a few minutes later, you ask her again and when she says "Tony Danza", you donkey punch her again and ask her why she is thinking about other men while you two are having sex...
i was hitting it from behind and i Tony Danza'd her both times i could before she pressed was sooo worth it
by jim evans November 28, 2007
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To clarify, the Tony Danza is when you are balls-deep in a woman from behind and while ramming her mercilessly, you proceed to yell, "Who's the boss?! Who's the boss, bitch?!" Typically, she will yell, "You are!" at which point you turn her around, slap her with your cock and yell, "No. Tony Danza's the boss, bitch"
"Man, I Tony Danza'd that chickenhead I took home from the bar last night."
by T.I. 615 March 08, 2006
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To slap your woman's face with your limp penis while asking her, "Who's the boss?"
Hold on. Stay still. Now, who's da boss? Who's da boss? Tony Danza.
by Milo February 18, 2005
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when a chick is giving you a blow job, you pull out and smack her in the face with your dick and say "who's the boss"
eg. When I was in the hotel rm getting a blow job I gave her a Tony Danza
by capt.100% June 07, 2011
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you are all wrong, the correct definition for "tony danza" is... You are getting head by someone (chick) than you pull it out, and you cock slap him/her and you say "who's the boss" and they'll most likely say you are, and than you cock slap them again, and say "NO! Tony Danza's the boss!"
you're getting head, and you pull it out for a sec, and you cockslap her.

(you) *cocks slaps* "Who's the boss!?"
(girl) *you are"
(you) *cock slaps her again* "NO! Tony Danza is!"
by zergtillian October 14, 2006
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