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What you watch late at night when your twelve and have no access to real porn, all thanks to Wild On with Brooke Burke.
by Milo December 30, 2003
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a really cool word that sounds really weird when you say it loads of times
faluuuuuula...oooo...falula falula falula falula...faluuuuuula
by Milo May 14, 2004
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person 1: oh look! a crapbag!
person 2: wow! how cool! i bagsy it!
person 1: aw...maaaaaan...i wanted it!
by Milo May 14, 2004
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Term used to describe sportbikes., which are street bikes derived from race-bike technology. Often used in a derogatory manner.
I'd rather own a Harley than a crotchrocket.
by Milo May 23, 2003
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a type of male who believes all should bow down to him and only him. Very arrogant and superficial, may come off as intelligent or wise but you will soon find that "deians" are hyppocrytical in nature. Beware, "deians" are highly skilled in the art of social deception!!!
The only reason that asshole of a dude got with all those hot chicks is cuz he pulled a deian on them.
by Milo January 21, 2005
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when you finish the first beer in a sixpack, you got five to go.
One down, five to go. It's gonna be a long night
by Milo October 23, 2004
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Spreadin an ass and licking the rim of the gaping hole
I was gorping that chick lastnight
by Milo January 02, 2003
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