when a male is ready to ejaculate while doin it doggie style, he asks,"who's the boss?" Thereafter he gives his bitch a donkey punch and says,"tony fuckin danza!"
male: ah.ahh.who's the boss?
female: huh?
male: <punch>tony fucking danza!
by dubdub December 11, 2003
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When you are having sex, you ask the girl "Who's the boss?" and when she says your name, you respond "No bitch, Tony Danza's the boss!" and give her the donkey punch.
She's been acting up lately so I had to make sure she knew who the boss was.
by Matt Bones May 3, 2005
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v. "to who's the boss" or simply "to boss" something: the act of throwing an object that was a vessel for alcohol after it has been consumed at a stationary object until it breaks. Breaking something after a triumphant drinking session. Always ended with saying "who's the boss". Usually plastic for safety purposes. also known as bossing.
n. Who's the boss: the actual action of who's the bossing things.
I who's the bossed that pitcher last night after we got done chugging it.
That chair got who's the bossed when vido was up.
by Musch March 26, 2007
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to elaborate on the given definition, it is my understanding that afterwards (after the donkey punch), the male forcefully inserts his crotch rocket, and by that i mean stiffy, and by that i mean erection, into the unwilling ass of his partner. Perhaps she is willing, but it's not as fun that way.
..."tony fucking danza"...insert donkey punch...insert hard-on..."oh my god you asshole i'm never talkiing to you again"...who cares you've already done it. FIN.
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When you are fucking a girl in the ass and you punch her in the kidneys and ask her whos the boss. You do NOT stop doing this intil she answers the correct answer; Tony Danza.
by Mike Poppiti March 26, 2005
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a response to someone's statement when they show authority, dominance or certainty in the statement. If they put some emphasis on their statement and want everyone to know that they run the show, you respond with the phrase. It has a sarcastic tone and can abruptly end the conversation at times.
Person 1: I'm gonna win this damn game idiot!

Person 2: Show em Who's Boss Bak!
by Mike Provenzano October 29, 2009
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