While having sex with a girl doggy style you donkey punch her in the back of the head, and yell out. Who's the boss?
I was banging this chick and I was being so greasy that I gave her the Tony Danza!
by BeefySilkwood February 27, 2012
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a winner on the dance floor and has great vocal styles. can party with young and old because he is timeless.
candice: hold me closer.....

Ashton: who.........

Candice:Tony Danza
by munkypooontheloo May 11, 2010
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A Tony Danza on Halo live is an assassination by way of punching a player in the back of their head. This is an instant death for the opposite player. When one gets a "tony danza" you must yell "Tony Danza!!!" over the microphone. Otherwise it will only be an assassination. This term comes directly from the original definition of a tony danza...

Tony Danza:
When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her and then scream TONY DANZA!!!
-yo dude did you hear how many tony danza's i got last game?
-bro it must have been like 15?
-yea dude i got 13. the danza's were goin like crazy last game
by iceman0189 October 28, 2007
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A sexual act when a man, after intercourse or receiving head, pulls out and cums in the girl's eyes. He immediately does a jab/haymaker boxing combo, giving the girl two black eyes (as Tony Danza is a boxer), and knocking her out cold. He then yells out "Who's the boss, bitch?!?! Tony Danza!!!!"
I found out my girlfriend cheated so last night I fucked her one last time and then gave her a Tony Danza.
by The Dog is God June 02, 2012
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dude you guys are all wrong.
tony danza is like ur doin a chick from behind and you yell
whos the boss.
and procede to donkey punch her.
only with a toaster.
dont ask.
its funnier
"whos the boss?"
/crack/ with a toaster
by Johnnyquest April 13, 2007
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Another term for "Donkey Punch"
when having sex with a girl (or guy if ur gay), and u yell out "WHO'S THE BOSS" typically the girl isnt gonna think to say "Tony Danza's the boss". so when she scream/moans out "you arrre" u punch her in the back of the head *which is pretty dangerous* and yell "TONY DANZA'S THE BOSS BITCH"
Shut up before i Tony Danza ur ass.
by ClayOsgood July 31, 2006
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When you are giving it to a girl from behind, then you slip it in the two-hole. When she turns around with the attempt to chastise you for having the audacity to slip it in the other hole, you yell out "Who's the boss???"
While I was doggy-styling this chick last night, I could barely feel anything so I gave her a Tony Danza and suddenly it felt a lot better. She didn't like it so much though, but hey, who's the boss????
by gdcis4me May 05, 2006
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