Person 1: Did you see Candice the other day?
Person 2: Who’s Candice?
Person 1: Candice dick fit in your mouth?
Person 2: *commits not feeling so good*
by brunaldo July 29, 2018
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if you are in a conversation and happen to say this word without knowing this joke you are going to make a fool of yourself
by dhar woman March 2, 2022
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1. An angel who mysteriously lost her wings.

2. Someone lovely who makes an entire room light up with just a smile.

3. A being of total perfection; flawless


1. to be someone completely beautiful on the inside and to hide it from the world

2. an act of being too gorgeous for words

3. to do things with caution; to be a perfectionist; to have OCD
Omg did you see that Candice I gotta get her number right now!
by Mrs. Flocka Flame March 18, 2010
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A down to earth girl who is amazing and loves her bf .

She never cheats on any of her bf and she is loyal .

She always has a smile on her face in ups and downs she always goes for the correct guy and she stays with him and she always tells her bf she loves him.

She has a nice body with a big ass.
You see that girl with that bug booty that sure is a Candice
by real Marcus baby October 28, 2015
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the most wonderful and amazing girl in the universe. she is beautiful in every way, both inside and outside.
wow!!! i can't believe i know a candice!
by Dumb Mumb July 26, 2009
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someone lovely who makes an entire room light up with just a smile. Pure and innocent. A being of total perfection; flawless.
i think i fell in love. that girl was a total candice...
by mr. marko February 11, 2009
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candice dick fit in ur mouth
E candice E
by flaflobla November 5, 2019
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