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A rare lethal disease in which viewing tomatoes causes a chemical reaction in the brain of the afflicted, causing immediate death.

It's real, don't look it up.
Guy1: "Hey dude, you wanna share this tomato?"

Guy2: "Don't you know I have tomatism!? Now I'm gonna d-"
by Kage-sama January 27, 2015
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The belief that life, the universe and everything is really just the insides of a cosmic tomato and that we all await a great, lycopene-filled salvation at the hands of our liberator Heinz (or Felix or any other brand of ketchup).
You: Wait, do you actually believe in Tomatism?

Me: Heil Heinz, our liberator, may he bring us from our state of rotten tomato-seeds into the great liberation that is his sweet, lycopene-filled sauce.
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by Flying-Potato January 19, 2018
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