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A "filler" word or word capable of replacing the worn out common words like "uh huh," "yeah", "yep," etc.

Also usable as a word noting assurance or confidence, or a word representing a feeling of satisfaction.

This word is free of exact definition, it's a word that you can use in whatever way you feel comfortable.

This word originated in West Virginia in the late 90s, and rapidly spread throughout the state amongst more traditional West Virginians.
1) Billy: "Man that deer sure was nice."
Dale: "Bep"

2) An acquaintance passes you on the sidewalk, he nods.
You nod, then casually say, "bep."

3) A movie has just ended, you look to your right and left, stretch, and in mid stretch utter a more strenuous version of "bep."

4) You're in an elevator with several people, one of which is very strange. That person then gets off the elevator, and it seems something should be said, but you satisfy that need simply by saying, "bep."

5) Throughout a long unwanted conversation, you occasionally say "bep" to make the individual think you are paying attention.

by Crazy Hawk December 16, 2007
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Bad Extensions Patrol, a group of people who, for fun, point out bad extensions people wear in their hair.
"dude look at those ratty extensions in her hair, someone needs to call BEP"
by Lorin August 30, 2007
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The initials for the Black Eyed Peas. Duh.
"Hey, Jack, I'm going to a BEP concert. Wanna come?"
"Sure Jill, that sounds like an awful lot of fun! Whoopee!"
by Leolani September 10, 2004
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i. the term one calls their one and only friend who gets them

ii. a term of endearment for a hilarious friend, usually followed by extended periods of laughter
Bep, let’s go see a movie on the recliners.

That’s my bep not yours and I love my beppi.

Bep and I drive around yelling gangster shit out the window.

We usually do bep things like rap, smoke blunts, drink forties, and watch teen mom.
by AnyaJacobson November 29, 2018
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a term the black eyed peas and peopke use to shorten there name
Tim: you like the black eyed peas

Jim: yeah B.e.p rocks
by Anthony W April 01, 2006
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I got a BEP after watching my favorite porno. So, I went to the bathroom to 'relieve some pressure'.
by oger68niou1 July 07, 2007
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