What's so wrong with your life that you're looking for the definition of a tomato in urban dictionary
by QUILTON GIRLS May 23, 2019
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A ginger who is sun burned, or angry, that they appear so red, they look like a tomato
Man that guy is such a tomato, must be all that sun.
by LockeMcCoy April 14, 2015
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Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? I guess we'll never know.
by Blobfish._.haha February 21, 2021
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Someone with unexplainable red skin that looks like they are constantly blushing.
Are you ok, youre face is a bit red.

Nah I'm just a tomato.
by ahhhsahhhdude February 16, 2017
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Any person who:
1) reuses old arguments against islam and its followers
2) loves anal sex and alcohol
3) obssesed with muslims
4) supports the genocide of muslims in china
Who is apostate prophet?

He is a Tomato
by TomatoSoup2021 May 1, 2021
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The co-founder of starmen.net, and a translator for Funimation.
"Who is this tomato, and why does he take medication?"
"Tomato is a Big Mouth Billy Bass. And he dosen't take medication; medication takes him. If you look on the back of most asprin containers, you'll see that the active ingredient is Tomato.
by Krem June 4, 2003
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