A Bessie is that b. She is your sunshine and you will do anything for y’all’s Bessie. She is so like you but unlike you in everyway and she will take a bullet for you while you would jump off a cliff for her. Anyways I just wanted to say ily 😘 to mah Bessie
me: AYO BESSIE!!!!

Mah bestie: AYOOOOO
by thisiswhomadethis <3 September 19, 2021
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Bessie is truly someone you should hold onto forever, she is sweet, kind, funny and amazing. She is, in one word, breathtaking. She can wear whatever she wants and still look stunning, moreover she has a glorious sense of humour and can make you laugh in seconds. If you pass on a Bessie you will have made a grave mistake as regret will hold you like a clamp. She is very talented and has a wonderful taste in music and art. She is the ruler of arcadia.
Girl: omg look it's Bessie!
Boy: No! She can't see me like this I must look good for her
Girl: don't worry she's a Bessie and so wont care how you look
by DeadlyKamona January 10, 2015
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The Best hick name in the English language. Used yell out when ever ur feeling like a true hick. Also a great name for a cow or ur Hicktown buddy. Might also be a hot farmer girl.
Ohhhhhh Bessie Now!
by ‘OlSkippy March 6, 2018
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Very amusing girl who can sometimes be really crazy but in a good way. A bessie is always very suportive of your decisions altough she does occationally laugh at them. Also really likes babies so watch out.
Look at her go! She's a real Bessie that one.

Mother 1: "Did you see that Bessie!?"
Mother 2: "Yes! she tried to steal your baby!"
by Poisedon(GodoftheSea) November 5, 2011
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A cool chick, who normally rocks a braid or a bun. Can make anyone laugh, and laughs at herself half the time. Will be brutally honest, so only ask if you wanna know. Musically inclined and intelligent, but can pack a punch like effing superman. Sometimes overweight, but super cool about it. Best friend to have, will be loyal forever. No exceptions. THE person to count on.

bessie ,epic, awesome, betsy,bessy,chick,fat
Jack: DAYUM. that Bessie doesn't hold back!

John: Bro, you know that chick? The kinda chubby one? With the bun?
Jerry: oh yeah. That's Bessie. You should ask her out, she's amazing. But don't get on her bad side. Just trust me.

* nurses shoulder*
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(noun) A name for a cow or a weird girl that often makes cow like noises.
Gosh that Bessie is a weird one.
I heard Bessie all night long making those strange Bessie noises, I thought a mother cow was dying.
by Tess Mini February 16, 2009
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The nasties “girl” you know. She thinks she smells good, but, inbetween you and me, she smells like my papas asshole. (That’s not a good thing, trust me.) Her sexiest friend is named Clara. Clara is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. Bessica, on the other hand is DISGUSTING. I threw up just typing about her. Yuck yuck yuck.
Guy 1: “Man that..thing..Bessie is so gross”
Guy 2: “I know! She asked me to suck her toes, so I did, and her toenail is on top of her foot. How weird!”
Clara: “I love Bessie, but she’s horrible.”
by Clarence Mantits November 6, 2018
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