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Todd Tod Show IPA verb, Todded, Todding, Todder
To do something that involves failing to see something; to be blind.
To do something so blind everyone else laughs; shoot at nothing in call of duty (Video Game).
To act blind; to fail to see somehthing repeatedly over a shot period of time.
To act blind over a long period of time usualy over a day or more.
"Wow that guy just ran past 3 people hes such a todd."

"OMFG you just todded so hard, now were going to loose."

"Sorry guys im todding hard today..."

"That guys such a todder he always fails to see things."
by Maliaht September 11, 2011
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To no-call, no-show for work.
I got drunk last night, I am Todding today even though I have no vaction time left.
by Graig December 26, 2006
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"Your son is the only 10u player on our team that is going to play college baseball on the D-1 level" You are not even sure your 10 year old player will want to play next year at 11.
Todding: The act of blowing complete and utter bullshit (sunshine) up someone's ass about their son/daughter's athletic ability.
by The Gambling Buzz March 19, 2018
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Being a dick or ass for no apparent reason, while simultaneously throwing a temper tantrum.
Today my brother was todding around the house. I hate it when he is such a dick.
by Cablinski November 25, 2016
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The act of continuously opening alcoholic beverages only to take one sip and then forget about it, leaving it to sit for the duration of the gathering.
Justin: Dude! Did you notice how Eric was Todding AALLLL night!?
Ryan: Yea man! I think he wasted like a good 12 beers.
by SkibsIII May 18, 2014
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