A combo in fighting games that will kill an opponent even if they had full health beforehand. Usually used in games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ.
*Hits combo starter*
"Will I be able to hit this TOD?"
*Finishes the hard part of the combo*
"Let's go! He's dead now!"
by Caleb Chestnut March 1, 2021
Man, that Adam is such a tod.

An extreme version of a tod can other wise be known as a tod-bag--- the original douche-bag.
by Amshington November 30, 2008
Twerking On Dick. The first appearance of the term came from a Swiss guy traveling across the US and experiencing for the first time girls twerking on his dick. He couldn't stop talking about it. He would always reference it by saying "twerk on my dick". The guy became so addicted to this practice that he started to pursue it actively. A party wouldn't be a good party for him if he couldn't TOD on that party.
"Girls just wanna TOD"
"I got some TOD last night"
"Damn! She really knows how to TOD"
by TOD_Addicted October 17, 2017
Thing of Darkness - something that frightens you and takes away your confidence, energy, motivation. When it passes by you it extracts your soul. It controls your mood and can ruin your day.
Red Alert: TOD is on the move.

Look out, here comes TOD.
by Victim of TOD July 11, 2008
turd-on-deck; bout to shit your self
ahh tod's here. need to go to the restroom
by thpdutpd May 20, 2010
What’s wrong with Jenn’s brother”?
“He’s a TOD!
He’s got a touch-of-downs (syndrome).
by Billyray26 October 17, 2020
"table of death" - pertaining to a poker; a table of death is one that is filled with a combination of very aggressive and/or extremely talented players.

if you find yourself at one, prepare for huge pots and/or freakishly good plays.
Player A: "Got moved to new table, #433 - Ivey, Antonius, Galfond, Durrr, Gus Hansen, and djk123 here. wtf?!"

Player B: "Lol, have fun that TOD. You won't last more than an level."
by DrewNova July 15, 2010