An 80's derived term coined in school lunchrooms and at the lockers.

When something or someone comes to your attention presenting a mixed up confusion or so many variables that you are left in mass confusion or membrane meltdown and you feel it was all indeterminate. a combo
Girl 1 (in a big pink sweater and jean jacket , belching politely cool ranch Doritos): what was his deal just now? Is that guy on coke? I cant figure out what just happened!

Girl 2 (wiping her lips of French fries) : Totally.. What a combo! Let's go to class
by y'shua November 3, 2019
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Combo is short for Combination

Combination is a set or series of different actions, colors or sounds put together.
"I like the combo between the white room and that red vase."

"man did you see that combo i nailed to his face? left jab, right jab and hook!"

"that classic violin goes nice with that beatboxing, seems that combo from the past and future works nice"
by Perser December 4, 2008
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A delicious snack distributed by MasterFoods USA. It takes either a a pretzel or cracker exterior, and combines it with a filling that has multiple flavors. Most popular combinations are pizzeria pretzel, nacho cheese pretzel, cheedar cheese cracker, etc...
But, stay away from the mustard filled ones. They are poison.
by Lon May 26, 2005
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2 or more consecutive hits. (punches, kicks, hadokens, shoryukens, or special moves that require 3rd level special bar. Or general things IRL) Also a delicious snack.
ex: Demon edge

Sally: Dude I just did a 3 hit combo on your face!
Jeff: Yeah but it only did 10 damage.
Sally: But you only have 5 hp!
by eulo July 10, 2005
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(v.) to combo is to first drink enough and then smoke enough green to have a nice soothing feeling. A perfect combo is established when one gets to a certain point without getting the dreaded spins. An experience everyone should try.
I comboed last night and woke up feeling great.
by imknownasbross May 31, 2009
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The Combo is a selection of moves to stimulate one's sexual partner. The Combo consists of:
The Shocker IoIIo (two in the pink, one in the stink)
The Rocker \oo/ (index in the pink, pinky in the stink)
The Spocker \\ // (two fingers pink two in stink)
And the Showstopper \III (three in either, one in the other)
Guy 1: Damn man, I hit this bitch with the combo last night, she moaned like a dirty, dirty whore.
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