1) name given to a athlete raw enough to get a scholarship to a Division-1 school. 2) a shorter way of saying Division-1.
Damn, that wideout was scraping us last night. He is D-1.
by $ Dogg April 30, 2005
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A user on AA (anime animo) that's pretty much the best AA user ever his cold attitude is what makes him unique than everyone else
*D.1.C.K has joined the conversation*
Weeb one* "ah shit it's dick"
Weeb two* "D.1.C.K!!!
D.1.C.K* "Mhm."
Weeb two* " god love D.1.C.K "
by Moistasf October 30, 2017
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A risk management technique used for protecting yourself when taking a trade or several trades that have a much higher probability and potential of going against a trader… These type of limits are typically used when trades are contrarian to what the market is showing what it wants to do e.g trades that could easily go into 100 or more pips of drawdown… trades that are counter to what a traders indicators are telling him

Term was originally coined by Mod of fxinsights
i had 4 longs get +1'd out
by fxr May 07, 2008
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verb: gave a rating of "1"(out of some number) to something.
Used to indicate major suckage or disapproval.

The opposite might be "5'd" or "10'd" if the maximum possible rating was, respectively, 5/5 or 10/10.
Often seen in reference to a YTMND animation/page, where users are encourage to rate YTMND creations on a scale of 1-5 stars:
"That was totally lame.. I just 1'd it".
by Belge January 30, 2006
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