The most amazing guy that exist. He is a rare gem,extremely thoughtful and overly romantic. Toba is every woman's dream. A Toba is extremely hard to find and if you do find one then you are considered one of the luckiest woman on the Planet. Toba will do anything for the people he loves.
Her love life is living dream

Yes, its because she is dating a Toba
by tohtoh February 04, 2020
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Short for "Manitoba", one of the five "forgotten provinces" of Canada (others being PEI, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia). It can be used as a noun or adjective.
"I went back to Toba, my motherland, for the summer to visit my mennonite cousins. Still nothing there but moose and goths. But at least they have booze and I got totally shit-plastered."
by gregjockca May 19, 2007
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Probably the gayest person you'll ever meet
Toba is gay
by Mubby August 27, 2018
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A abnormally mean or rude person. It's a shortening of the phrase "totally bad".
"That jerk is a toba!!"
by Chigglywiggly October 27, 2006
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hardest pindh in the punjab.
"toba tek singh"
by rfiajsff October 14, 2006
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