The one thing Communists fight for. See Russia.
Russian soldier: FOR THE MOTHERLAAAAAAAND! (in russian of course)
by theGreenBunny February 24, 2004
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land of origin.

(only applies to an individual who was born in that land and is now living abroad).
Kristina: "This summer I'm going back to the motherland!"

Stacy: "Like, where's your motherland?"

Kristina : "Slovenia"
by bunny February 20, 2004
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Land of plentifull hot mothers, where the gracefull Milfs gently graze in the grass, or suckle on a teat of a fellow milf for refreshment
Dude your moms so hot!

I know, shes from the motherland
by Garebear Seastrom February 16, 2005
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a country upon which war is being inflicted by another nation
Protect our nation by fighting for our Motherland!
by X March 29, 2005
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motherland also known as russia the communist place where stalin the bastard ruled and killed 20 millions people oh well sucks for the Russians
John: Are you gay?
D-money: NO
John: Hey where are you from D-money?
D-money: I'm from the motherland
John: Oh So you MUST be gay then
by john March 29, 2005
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Soldier: (yelling) FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!!!!

The word to call russia
by Jboy97 October 7, 2019
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