Atlantic Province of Canada. Collection of farmland, beaches, forests and towns around Halifax.
It's about 2-3 hours to Halifax once you get to Nova Scotia.
by Mr. K December 20, 2003
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Best fucking province in Canada!!
NS is the fucking bomb man ! So much better then any of them other places up there !
by *~*Miranda*~* December 29, 2005
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Greatest & most beautiful province in Canada. No people, we all had to go to Boston to find work, but the most breath-taking scenery in the world. Too bad we're continually screwed over by a**hole politicians in Ottawa, and powerful interests in western Canada who sh*t on us. Nova Scotia (and NB & PEI) are even more isolated from the rest of Canada by those crying limp-wristed pussy frogs in Queerbec who won't stop whining, so pretty soon we'll have to join the U.S. and become the 7th New England state. They do more for us than the rest of Canada anyway. Hell, we're already part of Red Sox Nation. We'll NEVER be fans of the Blow-Jays or the not so dearly departed Expos. Nova Scotia rocks, the rest of Canada can kiss our asses.
How can you tell the difference between someone from Nova Scotia and someone from Quebec?

The person from NS will wave and say "Hello". The person from Quebec will flip you off and say something rude in french, but then run away in terror like the pussies they are if you confront them.
by Little Jack Horny February 14, 2005
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Nova Scotians love children and pets, but have no time for adults, particularly those who "come from away". If you weren't born or raised in the province, there's no place for you. No jobs to speak of, unless you're willing to work for such miserable pay and conditions, not even a Nova Scotian would consider it. Employers rarely return phone calls and people with decent jobs cling to them with a fierce tenacity.
In short, it's a great place to live if you're rich or self-sufficient. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
"Hello, I just moved to Nova Scotia and I'm looking for.... Hello? Hello? Yes, is this Human Resources? Excuse me, but did you say that the person who does the hiring is on paid leave for two years? And the vacancy has been filled by her cousin? Is there someone else who... Hello?"
by cfa April 14, 2009
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The place where fun comes to die. There is nothing to do unless you enjoy looking at rocks, deer and the whale. During the winter the fun is not only dead but frozen and buried under five feet of snow. At which time there is even less to do seeing as the rocks are covered by snow the deer are hibernating and the whale is frozen under the ice.
Guy 1: "Man! I thought this place was boring in the summer!"
Guy 2: "Well, welcome to nova scotia, the place where fun comes to die."
by novascotia99 February 16, 2011
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When you're fucking someone from behind and they seem to be losing interest, pop your finger in your asshole and fish hook 'em in the mouth with it.
"I was really going to town on Martha's hindquarters and suddenly she struck me as corpse-like, I assumed I'd broken her spine and literally fucked her to death, but I had to give her an old fashioned Nova Scotia just to make sure. The good news is she'd simply fallen asleep, the bad news is she bit my finger off."
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Place were 99 % jealous,insecure people live
Why do you pull a Nova Scotia on me?
by Hututyb March 28, 2021
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