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noun; anorexitron

1. A robot which suffers from the eating disorder anorexia.
2. A term often used for a person who is or appears to be anorexic.

(from New Latin, from Greek, from a- + orexis appetite, from oregein + Greek, suffix denoting an instrument; akin to Old English -thor, suffix denoting an instrument, Latin -trum)
1. At dinner, the anorexitron dumped its motor oil onto its napkin when none of the other robots were looking.
2. Despite his heavy eating habits, Maxwell is a total anorexitron.
by Clint September 4, 2004
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"I've got a fever...and the only prescription for that fever...is more cowbell!"
by Clint May 19, 2004
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The smallest moon of Mars, named after one of the chief horsemen of Mars, the Roman god of war. Literally means "panic". Best known for its irregular potato-like shape.
The mars probe went past Deimos and disappeared.
by Clint March 26, 2004
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Drunken Hippie (n.)

A drunken hippie is a drink made of half vodka and half cold green tea. The first ever drunken hippie had four shots of vodka in it. I originated this drink trying to conceal the fact that i was drinking in my dorm.
Yo, i had four drunken hippies last night, i felt like an alcoholic.
by Clint January 19, 2005
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After probing somebodies ass with a wooden spoon, to proceed to use orange juice in an attempt to simulate a tropical environment. He then plunges the already crud covered spoon into his patner's mouth until said partner rolphs. The object is to produce a vomit that could be passed off as corn chowder.
Pat: damn playa that was one hell of a post julianoscopy
by Clint November 3, 2004
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noun; rambunctious jizz

1. semen that, during or after ejaculation, accidentally comes into contact with objects such as furniture, clothes, paperwork, and people or body parts (especially genitals).
1. After a terrific hand job, my rambunctious jizz flew onto Jon C's bed, chair, wall, face, shirt sleave, television, hair, carpet, window, shoes, hat, ceiling, DVD player, dresser, clock, camera, mother, trophies, door knob, light switch, and NES.
by Clint August 30, 2004
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n. 1) a man who guides another man's penis into a 3rd man's asshole
2) a fluffer for gay porn
The pittsnogler got the actor ready for his scene.
by Clint March 27, 2005
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